Not All Vape Clouds Are Created Equally

When beginners start vaping, they opt for satisfying and straightforward-to-use-devices that help them quit smoking as the primary goal. Many vaping devices can get you into the world of cloud chasing. It would seem somewhat appealing to put clouds in the air after vaping for a while.
However, most of us don’t go to the professional level of cloud chasers. Moreover, it is more satisfying to have a thicker and improved vapor production. For you to improve the production, there are several things you should do. But for most, different vaping device have a different cloud production.

When it comes to e-cigarettes, cloud-chasing and vapor production are related to battery safety. You should also consider using the most regular atomizers. For his reason, the resistance is lower to allow more current to be drawn from the battery. For the basic e-cig devices, they support high-resistance atomizers. While you can improve your vapor production with the high-VG e-liquids and inhaling technique, this is the only thing e-cigarettes offer.

Portable Vaporizers
In the recent past, portable vaporizers have become incredibly popular for cloud chasing. This is because they offer the best could. As a matter of fact, vaping is healthier than smoking. While you want to get the best result, there are various things you need to do to get the cloud chasing higher. Most portable vaporizers require you to dry the herbs. The dryer the herbs, the higher the cloud-retention capacity of the portable vaporizers. Moreover, they also increase the aroma and flavor. Once you dry the herbs, you need to pack them tight. You also need to develop a better inhaling technique. Be sure to inhale slowly and lightly. Constant practice makes perfect.

Variable wattage/voltage MODs can be expensive or affordable, depending upon the device you get. For instance, in-built batteries mean the best for flavor and cloud production when vaping, but will cost a bit more. Now, as for the cloud production, your atomizer can affect this. Use MODs that have the most reliable rebuildable atomizers and sub-ohm tanks. Because you can also make your coils to vape, you can determine the amount of clouds wanting to be chased beforehand. They also require little knowledge to start the art. They are also known to produce more vapor when you increase their wattage. Additional juice will be generated if you increase the flow of electricity to the customized coil. For this reason, you will have more control creating clouds.

The bottom-line is that changing your device is one of the best ways to increase your art of cloud . Whichever the device you are using to vape, there are numerous ways to improve on vapor production. You just have to learn a few tricks to become a professional cloud chaser. For the most, you just stick to what is best for you because preference is diverse.

The IJoy Combo RDTA Tank

The IJoy Combo RDTA Tank is one of the greatest inventions by IJoy. It is the first RDTA tank, in the market, which features a gold plated deck that is interchangeable. If you own an IJoy Limitless RDTA and liked it, then you will love IJoy Combo RDTA Tank from Vivo Vape. It has all the best features of IJoy Limitless RDTA, only that it has undergone some improvements, making it one of the best RDTA (Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer), of all time.
As far as aesthetics go, IJoy Combo RDTA Tank is one of the most beautiful machines I have seen. It has a smooth finish, bearing a bear emblem. To enhance its looks, the tank has a delrin chuff style top cap which you can screw on the 15mm by 1.5mm airslots, allowing you to adjust the airflow as you desire.
If you love rebuilding your own coils, then this is the RDTA tank for you. You can build with virtually any wire of your dreams. The tank has 7 interchangeable building decks available. However, the kit only comes with two of the best decks there are in the market. One is velocity style decks, which am sure most of you have used and know how great it is. The velocity style deck is highly praised for its big posts and huge slots, making it easy to smoothly build with any wire. The other is a goon style deck- one of the latest inventions, having been released last year. This system allows you to build coils without stacking them on top of each other, thus improving conductivity.
This tank has an adjustable airflow, allowing you to customize your vaping experience. Whether you prefer a warm or cool vape, you can never go wrong with this tank. For me, I like to open up the airflow halfway. This way I am able to enhance my flavor without compromising too much on vapor production.
To upgrade to this beast, all you need is to go to Vivo Vape and get yours at a very affordable price of $19.95.

Good To See HUD Understand Vaping

The Housing and Urban Development Department (HUD) is planning to initiate a ban on smoking in the apartments. More than 700,000 public housing units will be affected including more than 500,000 occupied housing units by adults or the young with specific disabilities. This emergency statement opened a 60-day period last week.

There are numerous public health reasons to ban smoking in public housing apartments. For the smokers themselves, there are many troubling implications. Moreover, the people living in these apartments are the mentally ill and physically disabled. The houses are also inhabited by the low-income and the recently homeless people who are housed in the public facilities. Each of these individual subgroups smokes too much. According to research, more than 80 percent homeless people smoke. Many of these individuals, without access to cigarettes, may experience psychiatric symptoms.

According to a recent CDC smoking preference, over 29 percent of Medicaid recipients smoke. Moreover, there is more than 28 percent of uninsured people smoking. The privately insured smokers amount to about 12 percent of the smoking population. Impaired mobility and disabled patients are house-bound. An extra burden to them will be the 25-foot no-smoking perimeter.

To allow e-cigarettes is the best way to deal with this smoking ban. The proposed rule does not include the smoking ban as of now. This is because the rule is limited to the tobacco products. Moreover, the HUD is encouraging Real Estate developers and the Public Housing Authorities to consider whether to include the e-cig devices to be included in the smoke-free policy.

If the authorities consider banning e-cigarettes, they will come up with the most advanced way to reject it. Vaping is designed to be used both in the house and outside. For this reason, they should allow vaping in one’s apartment and designated region ns. You need to give people an alternative if you want to change their long-standing habits. Moreover, there are gum and patches for smokers with a high fail rate. This is because more than 90 percent of those who try them fail. For the failures, they need a better option.

In short, the vaping products do not cause cancer because they do not burn tobacco. There is an unknown effect of inhaling propylene glycol. For this reason, they are effects very minimal. There us far less effect on cardiovascular and lung health with the use of e-cigs.

A no-vaping rule will affect this subgroup harder than a smoke ban. The federal commitment to help smokers quit smoking will be realized if they prohibit the use of alternatives to smoking. However much vaping contains nicotine, it poses no danger to by passers.

HUD should apply the harm-reduction in its approach to lead the groups away from smoking in the most efficient proven way. While nicotine use cannot be amended to complete the process, vaping procedures are the next best option to minimize the danger posed to the people.

The Yocan Evolve-C


Do you vape wax or essential oils, either for fun or for medical reasons? Do you have trouble having a fulfilling wax vape session, just because your device gets leaky and end up messing your hands and clothes? Then you need to try the Yocan Evolve-C from Vivo Vape.

The vape pen is easy to carry around, as it is light and only measures 131mm by 14mm. Thus, it easily fits in your hand and can be carried in your car or office. Another great feature about this vaporizer pen is its long battery life. It comes with a 650MAh battery. If you are looking for a vaporizer pen with a durable battery, look no further. This battery is versatile enough to match the varying The Yocan Evolve-C attachments. Therefore, you are always guaranteed of a smooth vape, whether you are vaping was or thick essential oils. The 510 threaded lithium-ion battery is also very easy to use. It has only one button, which can be pressed five times, to lock your vaporizer pen when travelling.

The Yocan Evolve-C is also a little wonder on its own. The atomizer utilizes a fiber wick, allowing it to efficiently heat your wax and essential oils. Additionally, the atomizer is easy to refill, as it is built with a top fill technology, allowing you to easily refill without leaking. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about wastage of your precious wax or essential oil.

The atomizer connects to clear atomizer tubes, which allow you to take a glance at how much was you have got left. As a result, you don’t have to go through the hustle if dismantling the whole thing just to check the level of your essential oils.

Every aspect of it is worth your money. The sleek stainless design makes it appealing to the eye and also serves the purpose of protecting all other attachments, should you drop or sit on the pen vaporizer. Don’t miss out on the massive vapor and flavor production from your essential oils.

The iJoy Captain PD270 TC Box MOD Only

iJoy claims to be one of the best manufacturers for MODs. And, if you look at some of their products like the iJoy Captain PD270 TC Box MOD, this proves that the company is indeed on top of the MOD manufacturers’ list. The iJoy Captain PD270 TC Box MOD, from Vivo Vape, is one of the most powerful devices on the market and its sleek design matches its power

Seeing this MOD for the first time, you will be stricken by its beauty. It has sleek round edges, which makes it feel perfect in your hands. The bright white display screen is also one of the features that contribute to the aesthetics of this MOD- not to mention how easy it makes it for you to control your vape.

The iJoy Captain comes with two 20700, which are larger than the conventional 18650 batteries, and have an amazing power output of 3000MAh. This is more than enough to smoothly take you through your vape session, regardless of how long you like to vape. However, it does have an adapter for those who would like to continue using their 18650 batteries. Additionally, the mod has a USB charging port so that low battery never comes between you and your vape session.

Something that you will definitely love about this MOD is the temperature control settings that are displayed on a big bright OLED screen. You can tweak the settings and achieve a warm or cool vape- the choice is yours. Play around with the wattages, until you find the level that works best for you. As long as you stay within the 274W limit, you should be good to go and can use Ni200, stainless steel and titanium wires.

This Box MOD can be used with most tanks as it fits perfectly with all 30mm tanks. Therefore, it is easy to use it with your favorite tanks without worrying about overhangs. Get this MOD, from Vivo Vape at only $49.95, and enjoy one of the most authentic mod boxes. With this one, you can never go wrong.

Herbal Vaping Can Be a Good Mechanism for Relaxation

Vaping is inhaling or exhaling of E-liquids or substances by a person for the purpose of relaxation from a device called a vaporizer. E-smoking has become very popular since it is tobacco-free and in some instances, it is also nicotine-free. Most substances which are used in the vaporizer are herbal thus will not cause side effects associated with nicotine or tobacco.

Over the decades, the number of people using this form of smoking has been increasing. Research by medical experts has proven that vaping is a safe form of inhaling substances for leisure and relieving stress without causing health hazards to users. Smoking is completely different from vaping since various operations are followed while all may be used for pleasure. Tar in cigarettes is not present when a vaporizer is used. Vaping is therefore used as an alternative to smoking and is more desirable.

Reasons why one should start vaping
• The vapes are refillable and are affordable: Instead of purchasing packet of cigarette, it is best to purchase the vape and a pack of herbs which are smoked in the vessel. The electric device is durable and can be used over a long time without suffering from any defects.

• Some additives like flavors like mint, candy, and fruit are used on herbs which are filled in the vaporizer for inhaling by the user. The flavor enhances inhaling thus a person will inhale it for a long time.

• For total relaxation: Many people smoke cigarettes to derive the pleasure and relaxation brought about by nicotine. When you are about to take you yoga mat for a relaxation and meditation period, it is advisable that you hit your vaporizer and take some herbal intake. Lavender is one of the best herbs which can be used for this purpose and will lower your blood pressure and heartbeat.

• Better Sleep: many people in recent years are suffering from insomnia. The condition is caused by stress and mainly from workplace and other social issues. For a tobacco smoker, it is difficult to deprive maximum sleep when you are stressed or trying to quit smoking. The best alternative is vaping which is safer than smoking thus the nicotine can be taken and help in calming the nerves. A number of verbs are available for vaporizing and can be used by people who have troubles in sleeping. Sleeping pills must be avoided at all costs since they cause more losses to users than benefits in the long run.

Commonly used herbs for relaxation
• Lavender: the herb is preferred for its calming effects it bring upon the inhaler. When vaped, the body responds by lowering the blood pressure and heartbeat rate. It is the best choice for a person who is fatigued and wants to reduce the metabolism rate.

• Damiana: vaping these herbs provides the feeling of serenity, and erases anxiety and stress on the user. One gets the feeling of connection towards the surrounding and develops compassion with some things.

• Blue Lotus: the herb can be mixed with Damiana to achieve the best relaxation and ecstasy. It has been found out that this plant has a consciousness-altering effect which is recommendable for relaxing the nerves. The right dosage must be used to avoid adverse effects which are uncontrollable in some cases.

Essentials for an enjoyable vaping experience
If you are a herbal vaper, it is certain that you enjoy dry herb vaping each day. However, you need to learn some new practices that will ensure reduced waste and also enhance the flavor and taste of substances that you inhale. If you apply these new techniques, there is a higher chance that you will enjoy your herbal vaping experience.

Using honeycombs Glass screen
The seven-hole screen comfortably diffuses the gasses allowing the maximum airflow in the device. The screen is the most useful device in this process since it allows for herbs to vaporize instead of burn. The herb which has been filled in the bowl vaporizes evenly without having some solid substances left. Clogging is therefore minimized since air particles can flow freely. The honeycomb model allows the dry herb to vaporize through convention where heat generated passed over the products and do not come in contact.

Cleaning the grinder
Keeping the vaporizer clean is one technique which is useful in ensuring healthy inhalation each time. Some users do not practice proper hygiene practices on their vessels, and this could affect the type of smoke which is generated. After each session, it is proper to remove the residue and clean the surfaces thoroughly. When some leftovers remain in the vessel, the air will not be thin and dry as it should be.

Drying the grounds
Dry herb vapors have the best experience. When preparing to start your sessions, it is recommended that the materials are well prepared for use in the glass screen. These materials must be set up in a place where they will be left to dry naturally without any human or natural interference. When all the moisture is discharged from the herbs, users will have a great experience.

Is Sub-Ohm Vaping Right For Your Vape Style?

The seasoned vaping veterans will constantly discuss the ins and outs and intricacies of sub-ohm vaping. They might just refer to it as normal vaping, since they’re so used to sub-ohming. They might look down upon you and your less powerful device, but don’t worry. If you’re curious about exactly what sub-ohm vaping is, these vets will be sure to talk your ear off about it. We’ll save you the hours of talking with our small guide to sub-ohm vaping.

So what exactly is sub-ohm vaping? Vaping in this style is done by using coils that can hold a resistance of less than one ohm. This is achieved by using specific materials and certain coil lengths and amounts that almost no non-MOD vapes have or could support. Done exclusively with MODs and most likely with homemade coils, sub-ohming is one of the most forward-thinking types of vaping today. The centerpoint of this vaping style is the huge amount of vapor produced from each puff, and the methodologies behind creating this greater volume of vapor. MODs are entirely optimized to create more volume and more beauty in the vapor, and are endlessly tweakable so pioneers can move the industry forward.

Some of the more competitive vapers will keep their e-liquid recipes and their MOD diagrams and schemes entirely secret so as to not let on to other professionals how they got their cloud sizes. However, most sub-ohm vapers are eager to share their setups with you, and will tell you what the best e-juices to get are. There is a consensus among these vapers that liquids with higher VG produce the clouds striven for. Usually, you’ll find VG in e-liquids that are meant to be sweet and thick, as VG enhances both of those things. However, sub-ohm vapers figured out that this thickness also applies to vapor clouds, and have since started using it for their cloud chasing tendencies. Sub-ohm vaping also usually uses e-liquids with significantly lower nicotine levels. This is due to how much juice you actually intake with each pull, which is far more than you are ever used to with a normal vape. Intaking that much nicotine leaves you feeling nauseous and slightly sick, something that you definitely do not want from your vaping sessions.

As previously stated, sub-ohm vaping is exclusively done with MODs. Since MODs are inherently customizable, there is no singular best MOD to use for this type of vaping. Rather, your customization over time will lead you to the best clouds you can possibly make. That said, there are definitely parts and ranges you should look for in your mod. Battery size is crucial, as sub-ohming drains batteries faster than any other type of vaping. Look for MODs that include many different safety mechanisms, as the battery can become quite hot very quickly and some bad things can happen without those safety mechanisms. Also, look for precise temperature, voltage, and wattage control so you can fine-tune every aspect of your vaping experience.

Sub-0hm vaping isn’t the right way to vape for everyone. Casual vapers may prefer simple vapes, and people transitioning from traditional smoking to vaping might prefer e-cigarettes. But if you think sub-ohm vaping with a MOD is the way you want to go, then dive right in. It’s a wonderful world just waiting to be explored.

3 Proper Battery Safety Tips For Your MOD

Contrary to the wide range of benefits when it comes to the world of vaping, the proper maintenance of your MOD batteries can make a huge difference towards the experience. To ensure that your health and safety is guaranteed when using MODs, please pay close attention to these 3 highly important tips.

Safety MOD Battery Tip #1: Don’t Pocket Naked MOD Batteries
When it comes to vaping, a real modder will tell you just how they hate it when the batteries to their MODs run out in the middle of their “escapades.” Of course, nobody likes to be disrupted in the midst of what they love to do. It’s for this reason that most of us choose to carry those extra MOD batteries in our pockets without necessarily knowing the dangers and risks that we’re getting ourselves into. A naked battery exposes its bare terminals to any good conductor close to it. If you happen to put a metal object such as keys in your pockets, you run the risk of sparking a fire inside your own pockets, something that I’m sure you would not want to experience. If your vape’s battery is running low, always ensure that the extra battery is encased in its own casing.

Safety MOD Battery Tip #2: Don’t Overwork your Batteries
The continuous use of your MOD will eventually get your battery hot. In normal circumstances, the hotness nature of the mod eventually subsides down on its own after you cease using it. If it happens that your mod is still hot even after putting it away, then I would highly recommend you to change the battery or the entire mod. From a physics and chemistry perspective, the heating of the batteries during use eventually leads to venting. Venting is a reaction that occurs when the chemicals used to make the batteries become hot and begin to emit gasses. A battery with an excellent ventilation system should be in a position to release these gasses and cool down the battery. However, if your MOD battery is faulty, these gasses will be retained inside your cell leading to an explosion.

Safety MOD Battery Tip #3: Always use the Right Chargers
When you use a faulty charger to charge a device, the likely outcome is the eventual destruction of the battery as well as the device. The same principle is applicable when using and charging your mod battery. Faulty chargers may overcharge or undercharge your batteries making them more susceptible to venting. When shopping for a mod battery charger, always check the power output and input and compare it with the required amount of energy your battery can withstand. If you are not sure about your optimum battery voltage, use a trusted multimeter to do the job for you.

Vaping is no doubt an awesome experience to each and everyone who admires a nice and better alternative lifestyle. To always enjoy the best from your MOD, you must ensure that its battery is well taken care of in terms of charging and storage.

The AtmosRX Tyga Pillar Dry/Wax Vaporizer Is in Da’ House!

The AtmosRX Team and Tyga and Shine present this new dry/wax kit which is designed for the masses!

Just like that, the Tyga Pillar sets itself apart with a trendy ridged design adorned with Tyga’s logo on a base that is either  black or gold colored. The coating brings an additional layer of durability, too. Even rough use of this portable vaporizer won’t easily result in marks or scratches. Simply put, it is because this is a vape pen that’s built to last. These rings don’t just add to the optic appeal, either. They assist in keeping the vaporizer cool by aiding airflow across the device more effectively, all the while making it simple to grip. On top of that, you have the futuristic feel – there are a set of blue LEDs that designate heat levels controlled by a single power button that activates the vaporizer, in addition to accessing the six pre-set temperature settings. At 6.25” it is not the smallest portable vaporizer we have encountered, but most vapers will face no issues handling its lightweight form.

It does not, however, get as many points for stealthiness, when compared to shorter portable vaporizers out there today.

For the herbal vapers out there who have been searching for a lightweight, durable, versatile portable unit, really should take a serious look at the Pillar here at Vivo Vape. It brings together the simplicity of operation, top-notch vape quality, and a unique yet burly design that is capable of handling both herbs and waxes. Whether you are a vaper at home or on the go, this is a must-have device indeed. In fact, all levels of herbal vapers will find nice qualities to like about this portable vaporizer, as it easily stands as one of the nicest price points out there.

As with most of AtmosRX products, the Pillar is focused on a powerful and clean vaping experience, with portability and easy to use functionalities that are useful for herbal vapers to use.

Wanna Learn How To Cloud Chase?

If you’ve ever been the curious type and looked up vaping on YouTube or the countless other video streaming sites, you’ve probably come across the ever-present videos of vapers breathing out impossibly huge clouds of vapor. Maybe you’ll see just one guy recording his own clouds, or maybe you’ll see a crowd of people watching and competing for the biggest cloud. But what is this called, and how can you join in on the festivities?

This type of vaping, in which a vaper attempts to blow the biggest cloud of vapor by volume, height, or general size, is known as cloud chasing. Some call it extreme vaping, but the general terminology has shifted to the consensus that it is called cloud chasing. As previously mentioned, cloud chasing can be split into two subcategories. The first, in which cloud chasers show off their biggest clouds on camera, is a more solo type of experience. Cloud chasers will blow clouds all day while recording just so they can get a few minutes of edited footage to post online. You may think of it sort of like a highlight reel of vaping. The second type, in which vapers compete live to see who can create a bigger cloud, is much more suited for a social environment type of cloud chasing.

If you want to get into cloud chasing, then there are definitely some aspects you should know prior to trying it out for your first time. The first step to getting into this style is to take a look at the device you’re using. Cloud chasing nowadays cannot be done without a MOD. Since MODs are the only devices able to safely pull under one ohm of resistance, then they can by default be the ones that get the most vapor per pull. Combine that sub-ohm capability with the nearly unlimited customizability of these devices, and you can start to see why MODs are the premiere devices for cloud chasing. Kanthal wiring for your coils is a must, as it can reliably handle the low resistance and high heat demanded for vaporizing your e-liquids, and big batteries and tanks are also necessary due to how much juice you’re going to be using per session.

One of the biggest points of contention among cloud chasing veterans is the right e-juice to use for cloud chasing. Almost all of these vapers agree that using liquids with higher vegetable glycerin (more commonly abbreviated as VG) content is the best way to produce huge clouds. This is due to the fact that vegetable glycerin is much thicker than Propylene Glycol, and the density of the juice in its liquid form will directly translate to how much vapor there is in its gas form. Some cloud chasers will refuse to use commonly available VG-heavy e-liquids, saying that they are not suited for dripping and for cloud chasing. That should be something you decide as you experiment with the many options available for this style of vaping.

Cloud chasing certainly isn’t for everyone, but if you think those online videos are fascinating then it is definitely worth a try. Get started with your MOD, blow some huge clouds, and never look back.