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E-juice is the life blood of the vaping industry and there is an abundant amount of information on eliquid and its components. The term ejuice or eliquid is a new abbreviation for Electronic Cigarette Juice. In some area's around the world, ejuice is called smoke juice, e fluid or liquid e.

Flavors and Nicotine are dissolved in hygroscopic components which means that the water in the e liquid solution will produce a smoke-like vapor when the eliquid is heated. Commonly used hygroscopic components of eliquids include propylene glycol, Vegetable Glycerine, and polyethylene glycol 400 and these components are usually abbreviated as PG, VG, and PEG 400.

All 3 of the above mentioned ejuice and liquid e bases are common food additives used in a number of common day pharmaceutical applications. Propylene glycol which is the main component of most eliquids and has been used in pharmaceutical's since the 1950's. The United States Food and Drug Administration has included Propylene glycol on its list of substances in the GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe), and it meets the requirements of acceptable compounds for use in e juice liquid and e fluid. E liquid shops will often have these components on hand, especially if the e liquid shop formulates its own liquid e juice. An e liquid online store will specify its formula clearly on the e fluid bottle.

Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are the most prominent in premium e liquids and these components are what carries the Nicotine to the user. Nicotine is only used when the vaporizer or e cigarette is being used as a cigarette replacement. The base fluids found in smoke juice and ejuice produce the smoke simulations that are visible when used with an appropriate device. Smoke simulation intensity depends on your device, atomizer and vape e liquid.

Liquid e juice comes packaged in many different styles of bottles and packages. Many popular liquid e juice flavors are replicas of flavors we have a cravings for like sweet desserts, candies, fruits, drinks, and tobacco flavors. The top e liquid manufacurers often have many different lines of e juice liquid to choose from. E liquid USA based production is common and currently at very high levels although liquid e juice production is happening globally.

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